Sylvia Vardell is a frequent speaker at conferences, workshops, schools, libraries and other venues. She incorporates current research, powerful visuals, inspiring quotes, and participatory experiences to engage the audience in meaningful learning. She has collaborated with authors, illustrators, and poets, as well as teachers, librarians, and students and often presents with the dynamic poet and author, Janet Wong. Her focus is sharing knowledge and strategies grounded in sound pedagogy with immediate practical application. Previous presentations have included:

*Creating a Positive School Culture Through Poetry

*Pairing Picture Books and Poetry: Making Digital Connections Across Genres, Cultures & Languages

*Pets in the Classroom: How Animals Help Kids Read and Cope

*The Poetry of Science

*Research & Creativity: Questions and Connections

*Mission Reboot: Engaging Students with the Poetry of Humor and Hope

*Mentoring Young Writers through Poetry and Play

*Voices in Verse: Exploring Character through Reading and Performing Works in Verse

*Cultural Connections: Celebrating Diversity with Picture Books and Poetry

*Into the Poem: Active Strategies for Engaging Kinesthetic Learning


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